How to choose the best slot machine in real and online casinos

The best slot machines in real casinos

Fans of slots come to real clubs with already planned game scenarios. They know which of the machines they will sit at, and when. In their game, professionals use a certain theory, which includes the following points:

  • good slot machines are always busy and the most popular;
  • the best machines are located in hard-to-reach parts of the casino;
  • you should play on slots that were just left by a losing player;
  • you only need to play at the same time of day.

Unfortunately, this theory cannot be 100% effective. Of course it's worth a try. But casinos do not affect the profitability of their machines in any way. That is, their return is more based on the theory of probability: someone will be lucky, but someone will not. What then is to be done?

If you want to play the best slot machine in a real casino, choose a slot based on the percentage of its return. The higher it is, the more chances you have to win. As for the jackpot?

Jackpot machines rarely give out small winnings, but you can hit a big jackpot on them. If you are ready to take risks, feel free to sit down for such a car. For lovers of a quiet game, classic machines without a jackpot are suitable, because they give out small winnings quite often.

Slots in online casinos

The same rules apply for online slots as well. But there is one small difference. At an online casino, you have a much larger selection of games. Players can have fun on classic slots, functional slots or 3D machines.

How not to get lost in such a large selection? Play exactly on those emulators that suit you in terms of their graphics, quality and impact. If you enjoy the game, then this slot is the perfect choice. By the way, you can try games on the Internet in demo mode, without the need for real bets.